Официальное письмо. Вежливый тон.
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Обратите внимание на выделенные слова, демонстрирующие вежливый тон письма.

This morning, a member of your staff kindly returned a small item of luggage that we had forgotten to take with us when we checked out. I would like to thank you very much for the return of this item. However, a small mirror for make up is still missing, which is normally kept in this piece of luggage. It is not worth very much but it is important to me because it was a gift from my mother.

There is the possibility that it still might be at your hotel. I would be very grateful if you could ask members of your staff, especially those members who are responsible for cleaning the rooms, whether any of them have found it. It is in a small brown leather case. The mirror, itself is made of polished steel. If you open it, it has a slightly magnified mirror on one side and a photograph of my family standing in front of the National Gallery on the other.

Of course, I do not blame the hotel for the loss as it is my responsibility. If you cannot find it, I will not choose a different hotel the next time I visit London as I am entirely happy with the service you offer.

В таблице ниже показано, как может меняется тон письма, и какие фразы возможно/невозможно использовать в официальных письмах.

Extremely polite

I would be very grateful if you could ask members of your staff

Very polite

Could you ask members of your staff?


Please ask members of your staff


Ask members of your staff

Highly inappropriate

I want you to ask members of your staff

 Extremely inappropriate

You have to ask members of your staff


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