Официальное письмо. Пассивный залог.
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В письме ниже посмотрите, как пассивный залог помогает выдержать официальный тон письма.

Last Saturday, I hired a red Ford Focus, registration number G24 OJN. The car was inspected by a member of your team and me and it was agreed that there was no damage either inside or outside the vehicle that was not already listed in the agreement we both signed. In particular the damage to the body above the front right wheel. I was, therefore, surprised to receive your letter demanding compensation for this damage.

May I suggest the agreement is consulted again in order to confirm that I was not responsible for the damage to the vehicle throughout the period of hire, which was from 6 am last Friday to 5 pm last Monday.

I would like to remind you that the agreement we signed is legally binding and that any further demands for money concerning the damage to the car will be referred to my lawyer. I hope that this will be an end to the matter.


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