Структура thesis-led эссе.
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Структура Thesis-led эссе

The United States does not have a public healthcare system. If people there want healthcare, they either get it through their employment, or have to pay for private care. In most other countries, healthcare is paid for by the government. Which system do you think is better? Give specific examples.

You should write at least 250 words.

Автор эссе на данную тему принял решение использовать thesis-led approach.


Start with a concrete example

In England last summer, a friend of mine was rushed into hospital with acute appendicitis. On arriving at the local hospital, he was operated on immediately. No mention was made of money or his ability to pay for the treatment.

You need to produce at least one but no more than three general examples that look at the question from an-other viewpoint.


General example 1

In Britain, the provision of healthcare is free at the point of delivery. Anyone, whether British or from abroad can get the treatment they need in an emergency. However, this is expensive but the advantage is that it the health of the general population is safeguarded.

Supporting point

This has been the preferred system of healthcare for two generations. It came into existence through an act of parliament after the World War II, and greater expenditure on the National Health Service is an issue at every general election. It is widely supported by the population.


General example 2

In the USA, by contrast, the ability to pay is the very first consideration when someone falls ill.

Supporting point

Often hospitals refuse to offer treatment when the patient cannot afford the cost, or if he does receive treatment he is obliged to pay the full cost, which may run into tens of thousands of dollars.

General example 3

Insurance has always been a feature of the American healthcare modal as a way of avoiding the heavy cost of treatment. People can either pay healthcare insurance privately or acquire it as part of their employment package.

Supporting point

Yet, this system is not universal as it is in the UK because it is dependent on the financial and employment status of the individual.


You must say which system is better in your opinion and give a reason for it in the conclusion.

I believe the system in Britain is better because everyone can get a high standard of universal healthcare. Although the standard in some US hospitals is higher, there are many hospitals that operate a sub-standard system because of the need to make a profit rather than make people like my friend better.


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