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Примеры IELTS Writing (examples)

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task IELTS Examples.

The chart below shows information about changes in average house prices in five different cities between 1990 and 2002 compared with the average house prices in 1989.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at list 150 words.

IELTS Examples: Пример 1

There are five cities to compare a percentage changes between 1990 till 2009. Let's devide it in two period. (1) The first is from 1990 till 1995. The second is from 1996 till 2002. The first city that shows (2) the biggest increase is Tokyo. Tokyo's percentage changed from -8 to 10 degrees. (3) On the second place is New York, than London. More stable results showed Madrid. The only city, that showed a decrease was Frankfurt. Between 1990-1995 till 1996-2006 Frankfurt lost one point in percentage. So Frankfurt is not the best place to invest the money (4) in real estate. But we have to pay our attention (5) on those cities that are situated under the line. In first period there were three cities. They were New York, Tokyo and London. The percentage rate of that cities were below zero. At the second period just one city below zero left (6). It is London. So New York and Tokio showed the huge increase. But Tokio could hardly make a competition with New York. This city increased on more than 15 points.

Score: 5

Комментарии преподавателя:
(1) This phrase does not suit the analytical style of the part one academic essay which must be factual and impersonal.

(2) It is important to use a variety of vocabulary. Here the student repeats "show" too much. Sometimes it is transformed into another part of speech, which is good from the point of view of display an accurate use of grammar but it limits the vocabulary.

(3) Word order in more like Russian word order here. "New York is in second place" would be better.

(4) Use of articles is another important measure of grammar awareness. Here the student doesn't mean money in particular but money in general. "The" money would be used for the second mention of the word "money".

(5) Here the student is making assumptions and drawing conclusions. This is not necessary.

(6) I am not sure what the student means here.

IELTS Examples: Пример 2

We can see on the chart that changes in average house prices in Frankfurt are very (1). And also changes in Germany are not very big comparing with the data in 1989. The most big (2) changes we can see on London chart. In the first part of nineties average house prices were less than in 1989, but then prices began to raise. The difference is more than 20 percents. It's the worst situation (3).

Now we can compare two periods according with Tokyo (4). First part of nineties was not good for people, the percentage changes were about 10 percents, in the second part the situation  didn't became better, but percentage in average house prices became (5) 5 percent.

Score: 5.5

Комментарии преподавателя:
(1) The student means 'vary', but the wrong spelling changes the word and the meaning of the opening sentence significantly.

(2) Grammar awareness. Incorrect use of the superlative.

(3) Unnecessary to make a judgement. Let the figures speak for themselves.

(4) Wrong choice of words makes the initial meaning unclear. It's only when we read on that what the writer wants to communicate becomes apparent.

(5) Repetition of 'became' shows the wrong choice of word and lack of variety of vocabulary. It would be better to use the verb 'got'.

(6) Too short. Candidate will lose marks for length.

IELTS Examples: Пример 3

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The table below shows the percentage change of property value for five cities below.

Write a report to college tutor describing the information shown below.

You should write at least 150 words.

Примеры ielts examples

A = London
B = Liverpool
C = Southampton
D = Newcastle
E = Exeter

The table provides data about the percentage change of property value in five cities. (1)

In London, Southampton and Newcastle the value of property has increased, meanwhile Exeter and Liverpool are the cities where the cost has declined.

As the chart shows, the percentage change (4) of London's property value is more than two times (2) stronger than (3) Newcastle's. But as for Southampton, its percentage change (4) remains between Newcastle's and London's, at the rate of 4% approximately.

Apart from positive change in three cities mentioned above, we can see a negative percentage change (4) in Liverpool and Exeter with their 1,1% and 2,5% approximately.

All in all, we can see both an increasing percentage change and a declining one. (5)  But in any case London can be considerably named a leader with its 5% change, while Exeter can also be named a leader, but already in decline its 2,5-2,7% of negative change.

Score: 7

Комментарии преподавателя:
(1) Try to paraphrase.

(2) It is better to use 'twice'.

(3) 'as strong as'

(4) Don't keep repeating of this phrase.

(5) This should be above, after the second paragraph.

(6) There are only 148 words - be careful.

(7) You could have used a greater variety of vocabulary.