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Пример 1

Computers and modems have made it possible for office workers to do much of their work from home instead of working in offices every day. Working from home should be encouraged as it is good for workers and employers. Do you agree or disagree?

You should write at least 250 words

Здесь оптимальнее всего подойтет метод приведения аргументов, так как необходимо обсудить относительные преимущества работы на дому и работы в офисе. 


Начните с общего обзора
этого вопроса, чтобы показать, что Вы проанализировали его
In recent years the vast expasion of information and communications technology has made office life much more practical. Although in many cases office workers could be made geographically independent by using modems, faxes and cell phones. Few companies or employees take fuul advantage of this opportunity.
Вам нужно привести как минимум один и как максимум три аргумента

Основная часть

Аргумент 1Working from an office helps to create the right atmosphere in which peaple can work productively towards common goals. Staff can resolve problems much more easily face than at a distance.
Подтверждающий фактMoreover, the open-space design of modern day offices suggests that people work more efficiently as a team than as individuals with separate offices.
Встречный аргументHowever, it seems to me that physical proximity with colleagues is no longer necessary for communication.
Подтверждающий фактComputers and modems, as well as audio and video conferencing software have made it possible for groups of people to be with each other in a "virtual" office where they can see each other and talk without the need to do so one at a time. These communities can be created with the participants working from different places, including home.
Аргумент 2Another issue is the  encouragement and motivation of staff, who need to reach performance targets if their work is to contribute to the overall profitability of the company.
Подтверждающий фактSupervision of staff, for this reason, is essential for their motivation. This can best be done in a professional, rather than a domestic, environment.
Встречный аргументMotivation, on the other hand, is the best when it comes from the individual worker him/herself.
Подтверждающий фактFinally, when someone is fully motivated and requires no supervision, there is the computer technology to support working from home in most cases.


В заключении Вам необходимо выразить свое мнение и обосновать его.Although it depends on the kind of work, in general, it is my firm opinion that home working is the best option, because this allows companies to keep operating costs to a minimum. It is only effective, however, when individual worker can work without supervision and needs no external motivation.

Пример 2

The United States does not have a public healthcare system. If people there want healthcare, they either get it through their employment, or have to pay for private care. In most other countries, healthcare is paid for by the government.

Which system do you think is better? Give specific examples.

You should write at list 250 words.

Фраза "which system do you think is better?" означает, что Ваше субъективное мнение важнее, чем объективные аргументы. Поэтому подойдет метод приведения тезисов. Это подтверждается требованием привести примеры "give specific examples"


Начните с конкретного примераIn Englang last summer, a friend of mine was rushed into hospital with acure appendicitis. On arriving at the local hospital, he was operated on immediately. No mention was made of money or his ability to pay for the treatment.
Вам нужно привести
от одного до трех общих
примеров, которые отображают этот вопрос с разных точек зрения.

Основная часть

Пример 1In Britain, the provision of healthcare is free at the point of delivery. Anyone, whether British or from abroad can get the treatment they need in an emergency. However, this is expensive but the advantage is that it the health of the general population is safeguarded.
Подтверждающий фактThis has been the preferred system of healthcare for two generations. It came into existence through an act of parliament after the World War II, and greater expenditure on the National Health Service is an issue at every general election. It is widely supported by the population.
Пример 2In the USA, by contrast, the ability to pay is the very first consideration when someone falls ill.
Подтверждающий фактOften hospitals refuse to offer treatment when the patient cannot afford the cost, or if he does recieve treatment he is obliged to pay the full cost, which may run into tens of thousands of dollars.
Пример 3Insurance has always been a future of the American healthcare modal as a way of avoiding the heavy cost of treatment. People can either pay healthcare insurance privately or acquire it as part of their employment package.
Подтверждающий фактYet, this system is not universal as it is in the UK because it is dependent on the financial and employment status of the individual.


В заключении Вы должны сказать, какая система лучше по Вашему мнению и обосновать его.I belive the system in Britain is better because everyone can get a high standard of universal healthcare. Although the standard in some US hospitals is higher, there are many hospitals that operate a sub-standard system because of the need to make a profit rather than make people like my friend better.